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On many sites you can read that people refuse to take responsibility for what they publish. Everything on this site is OK, doesn’t infringe anyone’s rights and is neither stolen nor copied. It is just a personal website, nothing serious. If you do not like it, leave it. If you do like it you’re welcome to drop me a note. I do not belong to any political party, I am no churchman or member of any benevolent organization – nevertheless I am a political, religious and ethical thinking person. Do whatever you want to do but always consider your fellows! Treat them as you like to be treated! This is what makes your life comfortable.

…, Internet considerations

Are you scared of using the Internet? Do you feel observed? Do you sometimes pay by credit card? Are there any payback or other ostensible beneficial cards in your wallet? What about your membership of the Automobile Association? Do you have a sense of Paranoia? All of us are under constant surveillance and all our data gets stored somewhere. Be sure, stored data will be used against you in the unlikely event that you are suspected for whatever reason. Have you ever been in the Emirates, Israel or the US? How did you feel when you crossed the border? Do you think people feel different when they cross German borders? Fortunately, Germany is a relatively liberal country with a very strong constitution and human rights are well respected. Unfortunately, there is no German Internet. The Net is a kind of no-man’s land. No one is really able to control the services. All our data and tracks that we leave on the Net will remain somewhere.

Watch out and act reasonably! If you do not disclose everything to everyone you can enjoy being online.

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